Furnace Installation in San Diego

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Kim and Eric hired Genesis Home Improvements to install a new furnace in their home in San Diego. When our specialist Chuck arrived to go over the options and provide our consultation we realized that this was was not juts a simple replacement or fix. The home only had a wall furnace so we were going to be starting from scratch.

We started by removing the old furnace, and replacing it with a new furnace, new coils and a new condenser.

The project went smoothly and Kim and Eric were so happy they decided to hire us for another project on the exterior of their home/

Thank you Kim and Eric for trusting Genesis for your home improvements needs. If you need home improvements in the San Diego area such as roofing, windows, exterior painting, patio covers or HVAC services call Genesis at 858-277-1803 or book a consultation online and claim 15% off any project cost.

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