House Painting in Chula Vista, 91911

Genesis Home Improvements just completed house painting in chula vista, ca 91911.  This home has been truly transformed to a new beginning.  The colors are Alaska Jade for the trim and Airway for the body.

This process started with a home inspection and free estimate.  After looking over the options the Psellos family chose the Coolwall coating system.  The next step is the wash of the home to remove dirt, mold, poor stucco substrate and termite damaged wood.  Next is the prep.  This stage is very important.  Time was taken here to properly repair and care for the stucco so it would absorb the primer.  The wood was sanded, repaired, and replaced as necessary to meet Genesis and TCA installation standards.  Finally the home was ready for the primer and final coating.  After completing the coolwall in Chula Vista, Ca 91911 this home looks brand new.

Thank you, Psellos family for trusting Genesis to work for you. 

For a free inspection or estimate please contact Genesis or Call us @ 858 792 9444

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