Project Description

Check out this Coolwall exterior coating application our team completed for this home in Lakeside, CA. Our skilled team took on the task of applying the Coolwall coating, resulting in a stunning transformation that perfectly suits the homeowners’ preferences. The house now showcases a captivating Sky Blue color for the main exterior, creating a refreshing and inviting ambiance. The addition of Royal Blue trim further enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, adding a touch of unique elegance to the home’s exterior. Beyond its visual impact, the Coolwall coating offers numerous benefits, including improved energy efficiency. With its advanced technology, the Coolwall coating helps keep the home cooler by reflecting heat away from the surface. This reduces the need for excessive air conditioning, contributing to energy savings and a more comfortable living environment. The homeowners can now enjoy a cooler home during hot summer months while also minimizing their energy consumption. At Genesis Home Improvements, we take pride in our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to using high-quality materials. Our skilled team ensures precise application of the Coolwall coating, resulting in a flawless and long-lasting finish that will withstand the test of time. Ready to get started with your project? Contact us today at (858) 792-9444 or by clicking here to schedule an appointment.