Project Description

Have you heard of Texcote Coolwall? If you’re thinking about re-doing your home’s exterior coating, you need to check out it out! Texcote Coolwall is the leading exterior coating technology in the industry. It does more than simply revamp your home’s curb appeal. It is formulated with tiny reflective pigments that helps keep the heat off your home. With it, you can enjoy a new look and amazing energy-efficiency features. Texcote Coolwall is ideal for homes in Southern California. A fresh new application of Texcote will allow you to maintain your indoor temperature better, enjoy a more comfortable home, and save money on your electric bills. Check out this application job we recently completed for these homeowner in San Diego, CA, 92114. The homeowners are fixing to enjoy their summer this year without the worry of overheating or overrunning their HVAC system.

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