Project Description

CoolWall Application Project in San Diego, CA

Our recent stunning CoolWall application project in San Diego, CA, transformed this home not only in appearance but also in energy efficiency. The homeowner selected a charming light blue for the exterior, complemented by a dark blue for the roof’s trim, creating a refreshing and harmonious look. This color palette revitalized the home’s appearance and enhanced its thermal performance, thanks to the reflective properties of our CoolWall exterior paint. This innovative paint technology reflects heat and lowers the surface temperature of the home, leading to significant energy savings and improved comfort inside.

Springtime is the perfect season to consider a CoolWall paint application. With summer on the horizon, applying CoolWall ensures homeowners can enjoy reduced cooling costs and a comfortable indoor environment throughout the hot season. At Genesis Home Improvements, we offer an extensive range of exterior colors, allowing homeowners to choose the perfect shade to reflect their personal style and complement the aesthetic of their home. This project in San Diego is a prime example of how CoolWall paint can beautifully enhance a home’s exterior while delivering practical energy-saving benefits.

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