Project Description

CoolWall Exterior Coating Application in San Diego, CA

Refresh Your Home’s Exterior & Protect It From the Elements.

So, you’re thinking of making some changes to your home. At Genesis Home Improvement, we offer a wide variety of home improvement services to help you achieve the home of your dreams. One of the services we specialize in is exterior coating, where we not only provide expert application but also utilize high-quality exterior coating products to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Take, for example, this recent CoolWall exterior coating project in San Diego, CA. The homeowners opted for a rich brownish-clay color, transforming the look of their home. CoolWall’s innovative formula provides a fresh, modern appearance and practical benefits such as improved energy efficiency and durability. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home’s exterior or protect it from the elements, our exterior coating services can help you achieve both.

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