Project Description

This National City home’s exterior has achieved a sharp new beginning. Genesis were introduced to Mr Chaarles by Jesus who explained about our durable energy efficient exterior coating options. Mr Charles was impressed enough by Jesus knowledge and professionalism to want to see our exterior products. They agreed on a date for the consultation, and a few days later Patrick met with him at his home. He went over the options, showed our wide array of colors, and the took measurements of the walls and eves. A price was agreed upon and David and his crew got to work on the home.

Genesis team did an incredible job of painting the outside the home. From start to finish, we made sure to provide daily updates for Mr Charles, and we completed the job ahead of schedule!

Mr Charles is very pleased with the outcome. The neighbors have commented on how great the house looks! We applied Texcote Coolwall Coating to his home, that will last a lifetime. No more having to paint every few years, and the home will be energy efficient , keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Less need for thee thermostat, saving mr Charles some money each year on his utility bill. Well done David and team, another happy customer.

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