Project Description

Take a look at this heat reflective exterior paint project our team completed in National City, CA. Regular exterior paint is a thing of the past—today’s homeowners opt for heat-reflective exterior paint, also known as TexCote Coolwall exterior coating. When applied to the exterior of a home, Coolwall paint reflects up to 80% of the sun’s heat away from the house, keeping it cooler and reducing energy costs. This is a great perk for homeowners—especially those residing in California. Since California gets a lot of sunlight, it can cause our home to heat up easily and for the exterior paint job to fade fairly quickly. Fortunately, TexCote Coolwall exterior coating offers long-lasting color vibrancy and comfier indoor temperatures for home residents. Ready to get started with your TexCote Coolwall project? Contact the skilled team at Genesis Home Improvements today! Call us at (858) 792-9444, or click here for a FREE quote!