Project Description

Genesis have just finished a large exterior painting prpject for Mr McMullen in La Mesa. He heard aboiut Genesis from a neighbor Mr Donnely whom we had also completed painting work for. Mr Donnely had shared hp happy he was with out work so Mr McMullen agreed to have one of our specialist go out and meet with him to provide an exact cost quote and go over samples, colors, and explain about our Coolwall Coating system and its many features and benefits. Mr Mcmullen was impressed by our representative and product and agreed to hire us on the spot. His home had a lot of stone work around the exterior, which suits Coolwall perfectly as it can be applied to many different exterior types. It is 10 times thicker than paint and is an energy efficient product that seals and helps keep the home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter.

A few days later David and his team arrived at the home to begin the project.

Due to the size of the property and the exterior material, the team had to do extensive prep work before applying the coolwall to the home.

After the prep work was complete. we went around the home and taped all areas to be protected from any overspray. The Coolwall was ready to be applied and we began the installation process. A few more days later and McMullen home has been transformed. We also applied th coating to the woodem handrails leading down to the outhouse and along the walkways. The home has a large yard and there was a need for intricate detail.

The project was a success, and he was very pleased with the outcome. You can see what he had to say below.

Thank you Mr. McMullen for trusting Genesis with this project, it was a pleasure working for you and we couldn’t be happier to hear your feedback.

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