Project Description

Genesis were hired to paint the exterior of Lynn and Karens home in San Diego. They met one of our team members Robert, while our crew were working on a neighbors home close by. They were impressed by the work we did, and enquired about our painting services. Robert informed them about our energy efficient exterior product called Coolwall, and they were intrigued. A time and date was set for our specialist Mia to provide a quote. Measurements were taken of the walls and eves, and Mia went over the available product colors, and explained about the many features and benefits Coolwall has to offer.

Lynn and Karen were excited as they had been in the market to paint heir home, but were looking for longterm options, and they agreed that Genesis had the PERFECT solution.

A few days later and our crew, led by David Scott began prepping the home for the Coolwall application.

The home has been transformed in a bright bold yellow, that compliments the brick details, and it really stands out in the neighborhood. See for yourself. Lynn and Karen are happy with the outcome, and we were so pleased to be chosen for such an important and personal task. We love helping homes with a new start and fresh look. Its our passion.

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