Project Description

Genesis Home Improvements just finished house painting in San Diego, Ca 92110.  This project like most started with the need to protect their investment and maintain the exterior look.  Bevin and Jeff spoke with a Genesis Home Improvement’s representative and chose coolwall after receiving their free estimate.  After thoroughly washing their home the important prep steps were completed.  The stucco needed work to prepare the home for proper application of coolwall in San Diego, Ca 92110.  After completing all preparation steps the home was completely primed.  This beautiful home was coated with Palomino Beige with a satin finish on the stucco and with a Florida White semi-gloss Finish.  It was great working with the family and giving this homes look an amazing new beginning. 

Thank you for trusting Genesis Home Improvements.  

If you are considering house painting in San Diego, California please contact Genesis @ or call Genesis 858-792-9444.