Project Description

At Genesis Home Improvements, we’re San Diego’s most trusted exterior painting company. Today, we’re taking you through our meticulous exterior painting process on a beautiful home in La Mesa, California.

Step 1:

Powerwashing. We start by thoroughly power washing the home’s exterior. This crucial step removes dirt, mildew, and old paint, ensuring a clean surface for the new paint to adhere to. This helps in achieving a long-lasting and smooth finish.

Step 2:

Masking. Next, we meticulously mask all windows, doors, and fixtures to protect them from paint. Attention to detail in masking is essential for extraordinary results. Our team goes above and beyond, making sure every edge is crisp and clean.

Step 3:

Spray painting. With the prep work complete, we move on to spray painting the exterior with several layers. This technique ensures even coverage, vibrant color, and a flawless finish, boosting the home’s curb appeal significantly.

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