Roof Replacement 101 Everything You Need to Know

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Replacing your roof is an investment but can pay off long-term. A complete roof replacement may save you more money in the long run, depending on a few factors:

  • Age: If your roof is nearly 20 years old, it may be time for a replacement. Conversely, if your roof was installed a year ago and is already having problems, replacing the poorly installed roof may be better than continually patching it.
  • Damage: Major damage to your roof is too expensive to repair. At a certain point, replacing a leaky, buckling roof is more cost-effective than trying to fix it.
  • Natural Disasters: High winds accompany some of nature’s worst disasters, from tornadoes to hurricanes. If you live in an area prone to damaging winds and intense storms, a roof replacement may be a worthy investment to protect your home.
  • Aesthetics: Repairing a large area of your roof with off-color shingles may decrease the value of your home, making a complete replacement the better option, which is often covered by your insurance.

Cost Considerations and Insurance Coverage

The exact cost for your new roof will depend on specific factors such as the size of your roof, the quality of materials, and the contractor you choose. Insurance coverage typically includes damage from wind or hail, so it’s important to have inspections completed by a trusted roofing contractor like Genesis Home Improvements.

Commercial vs. Residential Roofs

Commercial roofs differ from residential roofs and require expertise in handling complex structures. If your business needs a roof replacement, ensure you hire a contractor experienced with commercial roofs.

Tips for Finding the Right Roofing Contractor

  • Start local
  • Verify their license and insurance
  • Read reviews and ask for references


  • How Long Should My Roof Last? A traditional asphalt roof should last 15–20 years, depending on the quality of materials and installation.
  • How Often Should You Replace a Roof? Roof replacements are typically needed every 15–20 years, although regular maintenance can extend its lifespan.
  • How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take? The duration varies based on the size of your roof and complexity of the job, ranging from one day to one week.

Genesis Home Improvements: Your Trusted Roofing Partner

Choosing the suitable roofing material and contractor can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, and long-term savings. Genesis Home Improvements stands out with its expertise in modern roofing material selections, prioritizing effective energy efficiency and heat reflectivity. Opting for our services can lower your cooling and heating costs while enjoying a more comfortable living environment.

Don’t wait to enhance your home’s roofing system. Contact Genesis Home Improvements today at 858-240-1409 to discuss your roofing needs and discover how their professional team can help you achieve a durable, energy-efficient, and stylish roof for years.